Special Events, Classes and More at Chicago Botanic Garden’s Orchid Show

Chicago Botanic Garden’s biggest flower show, the Orchid Show, is back with beautiful orchids like the Phalaenopsis “V3,” which is rarely seen at botanic gardens. This year’s theme is Orchids in Vogue and you’ll find orchid “dresses” at the show in honor of the influence orchids have had on fashion and pop culture.

Before you visit the Orchid Show, here are the special events, ticket offers, classes and facts you need to know about.

Special Events
Morning Music with Orchids
Stop by every Tuesday from 10-11 a.m. for orchids with a side of song. Scheduled guests include David Chiriboga (Feb. 21), Black Oak Ensemble (Feb. 23), Healing Earth Native American Flute Circle (March 14) and the Midwest Young Artists Conservatory (March 23).

The Orchid Show - Morning Music

Morning Music with Orchids, Chicago Botanic Garden

Orchid Marketplace
On weekends throughout the show, visit the marketplace to buy your very own orchid. The Garden Shop also has mini orchids as well as orchid books, jewelry, kitchenware and gifts.

Illinois Orchid Society Spring Show & Sale
March 11-12
As orchids in 128 classes contend for best in class ribbons and the Chicago Horticultural Society Award for best-appointed plant, families can take part in orchid-themed activities.

Evening with Orchids
March 16
Explore the show while sipping on cocktails and beverages from Coopers Hawk Winery, FEW Spirits and more.

The Orchid Show - Evening with the Orchids

Evening with the Orchids, Chicago Botanic Garden

Post-Orchid Show Plant Sale
March 30
After the Orchid Show closes, buy one of the stars of the show to display at your own home.

Want to learn more about orchids? Register for classes like Photographing Orchids (Feb. 23), Growing Orchids Indoors (Feb. 24) Botanical Watercolor: Exquisite Orchids (March 3) and The Orchid and the Pot (March 11).

Special Offer
The Orchid Show makes for a great date night and you can even save more than 30 percent with the Garden’s special ticket offer for two (only available online). For $34, you’ll receive two tickets to the show and parking for one car. Buy your tickets here.

Of course you’ll want to snap a few pics for Instagram, but you can only bring a tripod or monopod to the Orchid Show on Wednesdays from noon to 4 p.m.

The Orchid Show

The Orchid Show, Chicago Botanic Garden

Did You Know?
During your visit, impress your friends with these orchid facts.

  • There are 10,000 orchids at the Orchid Show.
  • Every year, more than 3,000 new man-made orchid hybrids are registered.
  • The family Orchidaceaethere is huge — there are more than 1,000 orchids in the genus Dendrobium
  • Orchids have bilateral symmetry, so each flower can be split into two equal parts.
  • After germination, an orchid’s flowers won’t be seen for 5-7 years — at least!
  • There are 110 species in the genus Vanilla, and one, planifolia, produces everyone’s favorite vanilla bean.

All photos courtesy of Chicago Botanic Garden.

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